Our Process

review-assessment-explanation-demonstration5In working with Designing Benefits you receive a personalized invitation into our simple 4 Step Process. We like to call it RSVP; Resources, Services, Value and People.

While the process remains the same, the results are always different. In accepting the invitation to work with Designing Benefits you immediately reap the benefits of our wide range of expert Resources to meet your every query and in return receive customized, quality Services.

At every stage we are seeking out the best Value for you – not just the most popular or the cheapest option. The driving force behind all of that work is your People and their unique needs.

We begin with our background in the industry, our combined experience in insurance, employee benefits and HR. From here we are ready to take on any request you have, no matter how big or how small.
But it doesn’t end there, we also have access to a network of industry experts, which you are invited to enjoy when you work with us. From this pool of knowledge we begin to create practical, professional solutions.
We offer services that cater to your businesses every need. We can tailor each service to your business, giving you exactly what you need in a way that suits you. We are actively involved in designing, consulting and working with you towards the solution that fits your business.
In working with you, we strive to find you the best value. We know the importance of good quality as well as good value, and understand that value doesn’t need to mean compromise. The solution we find will always be the best fit in application and value for your business.
In the end, it’s the people that benefit from our process, your people. Your employees are at the forefront of everything we do. Looking after their health and wellbeing is our ongoing goal throughout the process and if we’ve done it right, they are left with long-lasting satisfaction that they have been taken care of.