Human Resource Consulting

Human resource consultingWorking with Designing Benefits means you can streamline your Human Resources operations in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. You can take advantage of our outsourcing solutions and à la carte services to lighten the load on your existing staff but at no point compromise on the quality and attention you provide them.

Our process begins with our Setup Package which includes a complete audit of your existing HR department and an evaluation of your needs. We work with you to create the perfect HR solution.

At Designing Benefits we can help your team grow, we can review the position guides and job descriptions for each new position and create new employee orientation packs to get your new recruits off to the best start.
We can create, correct and audit all employee files ensuring they meet all legal requirements, that all forms are complete and hold personal information in the strictest confidence.
Creating a tailor-made system for keeping track of those important dates from evaluations to renewals to birthdays.
At Designing Benefits we can address outstanding employee issues, review growth plans and set HR goals. We conduct reviews of employee practices and training to ensure optimum compliance and minimal liability.
We can provide a helping hand in difficult and sensitive situations. We can conduct sexual harassment training for all employees and ensure all the appropriate training materials and documentation are included.
You can trust us with your terminations process in the knowledge we will handle everything appropriately and professionally with all the necessary paperwork taken care of.

From here you choose your ongoing HR service. We’ve bundled our services into packages that are designed to reflect the varying levels of support you need. The possibilities are endless with our packages and the services are in no way limited – we can perform any task you need us to,

Our packages come in:

We are your offsite consultants that you can call on for all your HR queries. While we might be offsite we can still be very much involved in helping provide support to your HR staff and assistance to your employees.You can call on us when you need us for advice on employee orientation, exit processes, professional advice for employees and even as far as dealing with personal issues and more. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.
At our gold standard of consulting we can provide you with the training and the resources that your HR department can put into practice every day to boost efficiency and ensure forward thinking administration.
We meet with you regularly to provide the guidance and support you need to run an up-to-date and efficient service. From assisting with benefits administration, employee packages, handbooks and advice and more we are on hand to act as your professional resource for all your HR needs.
At our highest level of services and support, Designing Benefits can become your HR department, providing you with an HR professional who comes on-site every week. In this way we take care of all your HR duties from employee services to managing your benefits package.
We do everything a full-time HR professional would. Whether it’s benefits enrollment, employee file management, taking the lead on claims or anything else you need we can relieve you of all these duties so you can focus your time more strategically.

If you prefer, you can purchase an a lá carté solution as needed. In this way the support and advice you receive is a perfect fit for your company and your needs.

Our à la carte selection includes:

We can build your own custom employee handbook, tailored to your industry and your business and ensure they are fully compliant and reflect well on your business.
Designing Benefits can design manager handbooks to serve as a standardized guide to your supervisory staff. We can cover every aspect of HR from Interviewing Tools, Disciplinary Procedures and Performance Evaluation guidelines.
We can take on your company survey distributing it electronically, compiling the results and share our thoughts on improving the final results when we present them to you.
We analyse and evaluate your employee compensation, comparing it to both your organisation and industry standards. We can help assess if what you pay your employees is fair and equitable.
We are there to help in even the most sensitive of situations and are fully trained to conduct investigations into sexual harassment complaints. We can take on the investigation from beginning to end and present the findings in a report to management.