Family and Individual Health Insurance

New familyAt Designing Benefits we take the time to carefully craft the perfect health insurance coverage whether it’s for you or your family. We know that finding the right protection is important so we go directly to providers and find you the best quote.

The right health insurance package can deliver security and peace of mind, so we know the importance of finding the perfect policy. We can eliminate the tediousness of searching around and comparing quotes and bring you only what’s relevant and right for you.

We make finding the right health insurance package:

With our experience in the area, we can understand how the insurance industry works but we also know how important it is that you understand the coverage you are getting.We make sure that your insurance is the perfect fit for your circumstances and that you are fully aware of the benefits coming your way. We can navigate the complicated administration of seeking out the right insurance and keep you updated every step of the way.
The price of medicines, hospital bills and on-going treatments can place great strain on your finances without insurance. You can cover the cost of treatment you or a member of your family have to undergo and you can be sure they are receiving the care that they deserve without having to worry about the cost.We take the time to make sure that you know your policy and what it entitles you to, so you have confidence in your protection.
At Designing Benefits, we cut out the middleman and the jargon. We aren’t looking to make a quick sale. We take each case personally, go directly to the insurance companies and seek out the best coverage whatever it takes.We don’t see a need for making insurance difficult or complicated so that’s why we simplify every step of the way from researching the coverage to renewing the policy and beyond.