Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits PictureA comprehensive benefits package can provide a great incentive to both existing and potential employees. More than that, it provides them with great peace of mind for themselves and their dependents.

Putting together the right employee benefits package can be expensive and time consuming especially if you are trying to cater for a large number of people. Ideally, you want to provide practical benefits that your employees appreciate and see the value in participating in.

We can help you to:

At Designing Benefits we build your company a tailor-made, robust benefits package that fits your budget and your targets. With our industry knowledge and network of providers we can simplify the whole process of designing, implementing and managing your benefits plan. Our approach is practical and upfront. We can help with the administration of your plan, liaise with your providers, put in the hard work and keep you updated every step of the way. Designing the perfect benefits package doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, and our expertise will take care of the complexities letting you focus on what’s important.
Not only do we want to provide your employees with the best health insurance, we want to make sure they only need to call on it when it’s absolutely necessary. This includes designing and implementing Wellness Programs. Promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the wellbeing of your employees means you can reduce the amount of medical care they need. Furthermore, through these programs we can identify any trends that may lead to problems in the future and address them in due time.
With access to a wide range of providers, we are always striving to get you the best value within your budget. We can source the best coverage across our network and guarantee competitive prices. We can also help with the administration of your package and liaise with providers on your behalf to iron out finer details. We are your consistent resource for all aspects of your employee benefits package and can provide you with in-depth comparisons and analysis of competing carrier options so you can be sure you are always getting the best value and meet your targets.
You don’t want your employees to blindly sign up for your benefits package just because it’s there. You also don’t want them to choose not to sign up because they don’t understand it. Some may question what are the benefits of participating in employee sponsored benefits plans as opposed to purchasing their own policies. We take the time to answer all their questions. We want your employees to be confident in the value and benefits they will receive through your benefits program and ensure they feel informed. We can also assist them in making claims and collect feedback on how they feel the benefits program is working for them.

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