Business Consulting Services

Consulting services business-teamDesigning Benefits can offer you a wide range of free consulting services in many aspects of business, helped largely in part through our partnership with BizAssure. Drawing from both our experience and our wealth of knowledge you can get practical advice from a pool of industry experts. In working with Designing Benefits you gain exclusive access to the BizAssure network at no extra cost to find realistic, uncomplicated solutions to your business questions with professional advice and support. We can help with:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
  • Training DVDs
  • Employee handbooksBizAssure
  • Seminars
  • Background Checks

With Designing Benefits and BizAssure your business can benefit from expert input into your business operations. We want to make running your business less complex and more straightforward by providing you with professional support. You can choose from our consulting services as you need them:

You can get advice on any legal issue and come to terms with your rights and responsibilities as a business. Anything from how to avoid wrongful termination, lawsuits to how to handle your ongoing employee lawsuits.

Within the BizAssure network you have access to:

    • Labor Law Attorney
    • Business attorneys
    • Corporate attorneys
    • Business organization planning experts
    • Real estate lawyers
    • Business legal advisors
    • And more.

You can look for advice or support for your overall HR operations.With advice available on sexual harassment training, conflict resolution, policy creation and any compliance issues or HR procedures you need added support in.
Got a problem and don’t know how to fix it? Maybe you have question about streamlining your operations. Take a leaf out of the experts’ book on Business Organization and Planning.We can also be a little bit like your own personal IT support from recommending business software to guiding you through its installation, aswell as look at worker’s comp experience mod factors to make sure you are classified correctly.
Keep on top of your IRS requirements and get advice on payroll and applications for credit with advice from Taxes and Accounting specialists. We can get you acquainted with the legality of debt and collections, sending invoices and charging interest with Billing and Collection guidance..