Benefits Administration

Benefits AdministrationWhile design is in our name, administration is in our nature. At Designing Benefits we take as much care in the cohesive administration of employee benefits as we do the initial design of the package. We know that designing your employee benefits package is only the first step and that the management of the package is just as, if not more, important.

At Designing Benefits we offer a number of administration services free of charge that ensure your benefits package is managed with the same attention to detail you would give yourself. We hold your employees’ health and happiness in paramount and this shows in how we approach each case whether we are renewing a policy or processing a claim.



Building an environment where employees know they can have their benefits queries and issues resolved with us.
Assistance with any billing issues you have, simply send us the invoice and your concerns and we will work to rectify the issue.
Any HR question or query you have we answer.
Providing sexual harassment training every two years for managers in companies with 50+ employees.


Specially made booklets for new employees with all their benefits information, carrier contact details and employer/employee costs and coverage applications.
Custom website containing benefits information and forms in an accessible online platform.
Sending out three monthly communications on employee wellness, benefit information and Health Care Reform and detailed features on HR topics.
Live or WebEx open enrollment meeting for employees on their benefits package and making the most of their benefits.


Resolving claims with the carrier on behalf of the employee
Conducting every step of your COBRA administrations with any and all active COBRA participants
Quoting plans every year and continually thinking outside the box for the solution that gives you the best value.